How empowering beliefs can serve you.

Changing Limiting Beliefs Can Propel You to Success!

Whether a man thinks he can do a thing, or thinks he cannot.  In either case, he’s probably right.   ~Henry Ford describes belief as: -confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. Are your beliefs serving you by moving you towards your goals and dreams?  Or, are […]

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The Mosaic Theory, Or Why Your Friends Matter!

I can remember as a young man this one friend who I had so much fun with (some times so much fun that we got into trouble together), whom my parents forbid me to see.  Of course like all children trying to understand, I wanted to know why.  The answer would become rather prophetic for […]

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The One Reason Your Stuck in a Rut and How to Get Out

Do you find yourself daydreaming about traveling to Africa for a safari, Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower or to the Peruvian Andes to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu?  Or how about leaving your day job to pursue an entrepreneurial venture working from home?  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to pursue writing as a new […]

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